Dad is making crumble tonight and since today seems to have been breakthrough day I’m thinking I will have some regardless over the fact that I’ve eaten over my ‘limit’ today because I like crumble and I like my life

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kickin asssss

Today I went to a cafe with the lovely Gina and we decided to share 2 breakfast dishes as we couldn’t choose which one to get so we shared pancakes topped with nutella/peanut butter/granola/walnuts and also shared a big bowl of thick porridge with yoghurt and berries and it was absolutely magical and then I went for a long riverside walk in the sunset and just thought about things and it was very refreshing. I am content. I was thinking about people and the concept of food- we all have to eat to keep ourselves alive. I was thinking about the people I know and how the majority of them have a healthy relationship with food and how beautiful it is that they don’t worry about such things. I like food.

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well folks i’m a couple off having my next hundred followers so i was thinking we should do something to CELEBRATE that all of you have gone to the effort of following me and my boring day to day life.

SO i’m thinking - a video?

if anyone has a specific topic they want me to talk about i could do that or otherwise i will do a q+a video in which case i will need you all to ask me questions ;)

let me know!

and have a fab day followers x

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