listening to the west side story soundtrack because i secretly love musicals

Today has been pretty good. Being Tuesday, it was ‘span scran tuesday’ in Spanish, and I am proud of myself for eating 2 handfuls of chilli crisps (I NEVER eat crisps) and 2 maoam sweets (I dont really eat sweets either) and 2 glasses of sugar free cloudy lemonade!!!! It may only be a snack but still.

This afternoon I had a pastoral meeting at school and that went fine!

I haven’t got any homework to do tonight (which worries me because at this stage I feel like I should be constantly working?) so I’m going to read and relax and maybe do some yoga - I’ve been so achey all over today sob.

Aaaand your final Jemima update of this post is that I’ve just had some porridge :)


reblog and I’ll tell you what I could imagine you doing by the age of 30 based on your blog (I need things to do)