bread appreciation post

yeah bread is great

better than having an eating disorder

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grarrrrr tw

I am not coping very well but I’m not sure what im not coping with, just something doesn’t feel right and anorexia convinces me that in order to sort out whatever is wrong, I need to be sick again. It’s currently very dark outside, and for whatever reason, dark evenings kind of make me feel triggered? Do you know that feeling when you are sad because you live something and you feel it in your chest and stomach? For some reason I get that from dark evenings, and cold autumnal wintery days but I don’t have a clue why. I feel like I miss something but I dont know what.
Something about this feeling feels safe but it also makes me feel more alive than I ever do when I am not feeling at all triggered. Which of course is weird.
I guess I’m just a ball of uncertainty.

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Q: How was school baby?

Really good thanks!!! Apart from shit has hit the fan with our DT coursework so we are hoping to get a group remark due to dodgy exam boards HOWEVER in classic Jemima style I threw my coursework away so I can’t get it remarked :(((( Otherwise a fab day seeing my friends and we played a really fun game in English as an ice breaker as we have a new teacher :) x

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I am honestly so bored so please feel free to ask me absolutely anything or for advice or just a general chat?! :)
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Q: you're back!!!!! This makes me tres happy xxx

Ellennnn :) YOU make me very happy :) xxx

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Year 13 buzz

All of my intake has been so wintery today; porridge, hot choc, soup, crumpets…BRING IT ON
(I love winter so much)

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Q: Purple ^-^ xxxxx

ah thank you amy you cutie!! :) xxx

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Q: Teal, yellow

duuuuuude <3

talk to me then!!! xxxx

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PURPLE: I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
YELLOW: I wish we were friends in real life.
RED: I love you with a burning passion.
GREY: I wish we talk more and being friend
TURQUOISE: I would hug you if we’re met
PINK: I love your blog it’s one of my favourite
TEAL: We have a lot in common.
BLUE: You are my tumblr crush.
ORANGE: I don’t like your blog.
GREEN: I think you’re cute.
CORAL: I think you’re beautiful
BLACK: I would date you.
BROWN: I don’t like you.