Codeine velvet club - Nevada

songs with memories are saaaad

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apologies for my earlier negativity re. food, i’ll be back on track tomorrow i’m certain, its just tough being off school with nothing to ‘focus’ towards (i.e. i can’t say “i need this energy for my exam”) and i don’t get on well with my parents so the house atmosphere is quite depressing, but anyway, onwards and upwards - i’m going out tonight to a thing in a bar, i’m not really sure what it is but basically they play a cool playlist on friday nights hahah x

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i’m a big fan of self love and spaghetti

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Kinfolk Natural Decor Workshop, Nashville by Beth Kirby on Flickr.

I look out the window, see something beautiful and think of you.
Q: What are you ultimate favourite movies and ultimate favourite TV shows and ultimate favourite books? :)

ooooooo good q!

movies: love actually, bridget jones, tres metros sobre el cielo, 10 things i hate about you

tv shows: big bang theory, great british bake off, poirot, downton abbey, waterloo road

books: da vinci code, kite runner, the book thief, the secret garden

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Q: Do you like to read other people's diaries?

i’ve never had the opportunity to, to be honest haha! i don’t think i would because its for them to keep things private xx

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